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Turf and Bed Maintenance

Turf Maintenance

 While general lawn maintenance is typically done more for aesthetic reasons, leaving your yard unattended can greatly reduce your curb appeal and even lead to other problems down the road. A freshly mowed and well-manicured lawn enhances your home’s appearance.

Mowing landscaped lawns can be overwhelming, requiring expensive equipment, and equipment maintenance to keep the equipment running their best. When it comes to mowing, a sharp blade is key to grass care, and peak lawn health. Our company always uses the right equipment and the most knowledgeable professionals for your mowing needs.

Nelson Land Care currently has numerous turf maintenance crews to provide quality residential and commercial services throughout Northeast Ohio.

Turf maintenance is conducted on a weekly schedule and at other times when deemed necessary by a client.

This service includes: mowing of your lawn, trimming around the exterior and obstacles within your lawn, and the blowing off of all areas in which grass trimmings do not belong (i.e. walkways).


Bed Maintenance

 Pruning, hedge trimming, and weeding are important to keep your landscaped yard healthy and looking beautiful; however, it can be time consuming and hard work. Let our experienced professionals do the work for you.

Nelson Land Care’s bed maintenance and landscaping professionals have the expertise, equipment and experience to do the job right, every time. Your hedges, shrubs, and beds will be pruned, trimmed, and weeded at the right time, using the best tools and the best techniques to ensure your plants will be their healthiest throughout the year.

Whether you need a landscaping touchup, a full landscaping transformation, or want to schedule weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annual services for pruning, hedge trimming, and weed control, Nelson Land Care is your #1 lawn maintenance company choice!